My nighttime skin routine

In my teen years, I struggled with serious breakouts. I tried everything from multiple skin products to dermatologist creams. Doctors even prescribed me Accutane (a very strong acne medication). Having this background, I take my skincare seriously, especially at night. This is the time you cleanse all the dirt from the day off your face and create a clean skin palette, allowing the vital ingredients of your product to rejuvenate your skin cells while you sleep.

I use the Éminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, which has cucumber and tea tree oil, so it is very soothing to the skin. This cleanser is great for those who struggle with breakouts and have acne prone skin. The yogurt and almond milk in the product work together to fight against acne, but also keep your skin hydrated.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! I try to use the Almond & Mineral Treatment by Éminence about two times per week. It’s amazing because the finely crushed almonds exfoliate and polish away dull skin cells. It’s doubly amazing because of the paprika extract that increases oxygen flow to the new skin cells.


When taking this mask off, I dampen my hands with cool water (my face is usually a little warm & red at this point) and rub gently in circular motions, exfoliating the dead skin off my face. I then use a wash cloth to get the rest of the almond mineral off. I will usually use a toner, after my skin is all clean, to keep my face especially hydrated.


Lastly, I mix the Bamboo Firming Fluid by Éminence and fresh’s Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil together and rub the mixture into my skin. The Bamboo firms the skin as well as hydrates it. It contains electrolytes, vitamin C, & coconut oil. The Seaberry Oil, containing omegas, has reduced the amount of oil my skin produces during the day (plus it smells amazing).


I have been using Éminence products for a few years & absolutely love every single product I have ever tried from them. The company is plant based and organic, which is perfect for me because I have the most sensitive skin. Also, everything smells so fresh and yummy!

Here are the links to the products I use:


Exfoliation Mask:

Bamboo Firming Fluid:

Face Oil:



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