Guide to dressing chic on a budget

As a current college student & someone who goes “googly-eyed” over couture fashion, I have to prioritize what I spend my money on. I know I am someone who doesn’t like to wear the same outfit twice, so I rack up a lot of clothes this way that I never end up wearing again. So, here are some tips:

Don’t splurge on trendy items.

Trends come and go and although you think you REALLY want to spend $900 on a pair of furry Miu Miu sandals, they may be “out” a year later. If you’re anything like me & hard on your shoes then it’s going to be hard to re-sell them. Whenever I am about to spend major money on something I ask myself, “will I wear this next year” or “would I have worn this the year before?” This is a good way to just keep yourself in check so you don’t blow money on something that won’t stay in style. Instead of buying trendy & expensive clothing I will shop at places like Zara, H&M, Mango, Forever 21 etc. These stores are great for inexpensive & fashion forward clothing.

Invest in classic bags, shoes, and staple clothing.

I would much rather put money into a bag or shoes that holds value, and that I will wear over and over again. Chanel bags are a perfect example and there are so many beautiful vintage bags out there on websites like Tradesy & TheRealReal. When it comes to bags, I like to do a little bit of research before I actually buy it. I want to make sure that I am investing in a bag that I can wear with most everything. I apply the same to shoes and clothing that I splurge on.

 Sell or Donate.

With apps such as Poshmark, it is so easy to sell your clothing and accessories. I will usually try to sell items through this app, and also will bring items to Goodwill that haven’t sold after a while. Selling pieces is a good way to get a return on what you’ve bought and maybe spent a considerable amount.

This dress and shoes are both under $50 from H&M. Vintage Chanel bag. DSC_0494 1

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I hope these tips help you!



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