Why you should invest in an antique piece


From a young age, I would go from antique shop to antique shop with my mom and grandmother. I remember them looking for crystal knobs and old chairs, chests, & mirrors. Ofcourse, at 5 years old I was like bored out of my mind asking a million times when we were leaving. Now, I see so much value in antique furniture and it means a lot to me, because I have pieces that my grandparents once had in their homes. The vanity in the above picture I have had since I was 7 years old. I have totally beat this poor piece up with nail polish, cups, makeup….you name it. I still love it though, because it has so much character to it, regardless of its tarnish. Antique pieces hold so much value, because they are timeless and can be incorporated with more modern pieces as well. People spend major money on antiques and many of those are investment pieces that may even end up being worth more years and years later. I also love old furniture because of the rich stains and craftsmanship that we don’t see anymore. Even if you can’t spend a fortune on a piece, you can often find old pieces that need some love…whether it’s paint or gold leafing, etc. I have found some great furniture and accessories this way that I spent a few hundred dollars on, but will probably have forever.

Investment pieces to shop:

Henredon Velvet Chairs

Screenshot 2017-09-13 22.36.25.png

French Vintage Giltwood Sunburst Mirror, 1950s

Screenshot 2017-09-13 22.50.42.png

Henredon Faux Tortoiseshell Cabinets

Screenshot 2017-09-13 22.58.51.png



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