Doggie Gift Guide

gift guide template

1.Personalized Velvet Dog Collar

This is the chicest velvet dog collar! I recently got one for Teddy with a matching leash and just love it!

2.Hairmes Box-Dog Toy

Just TOO cute.


I feel like this would just be so much fun & peanut butter flavored….my pups will go crazy.

4.Cotton Rope Alligator Dog Toy

Adorable little gator toy! This is perfect for chewers!

5.Pawz Waterproof Dog boots

Our dogs track in so much dirt from going out and about downtown and to the park so putting these on the list for the sake of the carpet.

6.Kong Activity Ball 

Kong toys have been a hit with all three of our pups so want to get this one for them!

7.Trixie Activity Flip Board

This was top rated on chewy and seems to be good for dogs that need to be preoccupied.

8.Furbo Dog Camera

If your the dog owner that hates leaving your pup at home alone…and want to check in on them. (me)



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