How I deal with anxiety

I never really experienced feeling anxious until I got out of high school. Your lens of the world changes so much when you start to live on your own. I started getting anxiety about everything; my health, the health and safety of my loved ones, and not to mention social anxiety. I would let it affect me to the point that it would enable me to even go out and do things. I would stay home because that felt “safe” to me. It really came down to control and wanting to control my situations and surroundings. It seemed so silly when I thought about how I would let situations control me, because I wanted to control them in return. It made zero sense, but at the time it made perfect sense, because I wasn’t thinking rationally. I still struggle with this today, so I have to be aware and proactive in overcoming my anxiety. These are some ways that help me deal with it:


It sounds so cliché, but I look forward to going to talk to my therapist. It’s nice to have someone to talk to that isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings and is unbiased to your situations. It’s a great feeling to just get everything out, and without judgement. It’s also important to have someone to help you come up with ways to deal with those situations.

Inspirational Videos

So many successful and determined people struggle with anxiety and it’s nice to know that you’re not alone and that you can overcome it. I love watching Brené Brown videos, because she really puts everything into perspective. She is a research professor who talks a lot about vulnerability and boundaries. It has helped me to understand the root of my anxiety and in return how to deal with it. I linked one of her videos below that I’ve watched and really enjoyed.

Working out

Going to the gym or a work out class always clears my mind and allows me to just focus on the “now”. I’m not bogged down by stresses of the day in that moment and my mind isn’t wondering and worried, because I’m so focused on something else. You’re putting your stress and energy into something healthy and productive.


I think understanding that I am not in control, but God is, is huge. It really takes the burden off of me. I can’t control every circumstance and situation and trying to is so exhausting. Saying a prayer to let go of whatever I’m having anxiety about and giving it to God makes everything so much better.

These have helped me in overcoming anxiety about things I can’t control and I hope they can help some of you as well!



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