Workout outfit for under $100

I recently started doing Orangetheory, because I love the motivation of a class setting.  I also like to be “locked in” to a class when I sign up, so that I can’t decide last minute that I’m just not going to go.  Just like any fashion girl, cute workout wear definitely gives me a boost in motivation. I have so many favorite brands that get me excited to workout, but some activewear brands are a tad pricey. I was at target the other day and spotted these leggings and thought they were SO cute! They are for sure stepping up their clothing game! I am definitely a “quality over quantity” type of girl, but for a workout outfit that I will probably only wear a few times; its perfect! The whole outfit minus the Nike’s is under $100 which is pretty good in comparison to most brands. I’ve linked this look below! Scroll to check out how I’ve styled it!





The windbreaker is also by JoyLab from Target, but it’s not on the website! It’s most likely only in store.



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